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Filter Considerations

Use the following considerations when deciding which filtration system is best for you.

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Filtration Strength

Each drinking system is assigned a filtration strength depending on which contaminants are removed: basic, advanced, or maximum.

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Contaminant Reduction

Our advanced drinking systems are certified to remove 77 contaminants. Popular water filters are usually designed to remove chlorine taste, and odor only.

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Filter Certifications

Each of our drinking systems are tested and certified to specific NSF/ANSI standards.

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Easy Filter Replacements

Our systems are desiged for easy filter replacements—no plumber needed.

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Household Size

Our systems are each assigned a suggested household size based on usage and water flow.

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Annual Maintenance Cost

Factor in the cost of filter replacements—our systems are labeled with an annual maintenance cost to make this easy on you.

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Filter Life

Know when to change your filters for continued system performance and contaminant removal. Each filter ranges in life based on gallons used, or time (6 months to 2 years).